The Value Court Reporters in Legal Cases

One of the very important characters during a court hearing is a court reporter (also called a court stenographer), whose job is to: transcribe or record in perfect accuracy everything that transpires during a court hearing (this means all words said and gestures made) during the trial; and, in making an official written transcript, upon the request of the concerned individuals, of all that transpired. Prior to a court hearing but after a lawsuit has been filed, there is legal process, called “discovery,” wherein the parties involved in the lawsuit get the opportunity to obtain information (from one another) which can prove vital to their respective cases; a court reporter’s presence is necessary during this process.

One type of discovery process is the deposition, an out-of-court, yet sworn testimony, given by a person, such as a defendant in a civil lawsuit due to personal injuries in a motorcycle accident. A deposition testimony may be used as evidence during the, especially for the purpose of impeaching or lowering the credibility of the defendant in the eyes of the judge or jury.

Rather than just preparing a written transcript of court proceedings, today’s court reporters have access to an array of the most modern media devices and equipment for faster and greater accuracy of records that can also be made available in real time or anytime and in any part of the globe. For lawyers and/or their apprentices, this means no more searching through transcripts and exhibits that can be hundreds or thousands of pages thick.

Deposition or court proceeding may also be videotaped by well trained and highly skillful videographers, who can ensure high quality videos synchronized to written transcripts. Other than the videographers, there are also the electronic reporter, a court reporter who makes use audio recording devices while simultaneously taking notes, and the voice writer, who speaks into voice recorder.

According to the website of the Mokaram Law Firm, it can be difficult for drivers to claim financial compensation from a reluctant insurance company in the event of an injury. The services of court reporters can help attorneys muster the evidence they need to make their cases.

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