Style Edit – Instant Coverage of Thinning Patches and Hair Roots

There are more than 80,000 beauty salons all across the United States providing some of the best hair care services (and different types of spa treatments, like massage, bikini waxing, tanning and facial treatment) aimed at making clients look more attractive as well as making them feel great for looking more beautiful.

Real hair care experts now know that providing great services is no longer just what clients need and want. Customers need affirmation and compliment – factors that will make them leave the salon totally excited and feeling good about themselves and which will draw them back, making them regular customers.

Aside from the regular services that salons offer (these include hair-cutting, hair styling, shampooing, coloring and permanents), some have also began offering spa treatments. These services, however, will surely never meet client expectation if not done by expert stylists and in an atmosphere that exudes comfort and a friendly atmosphere.

Hair salons should provide services that allow clients to look beautiful every day, from one salon visit to the next. Thus, besides ensuring great hair and make-up services, it also offers clients the latest and greatest hair and facial products for easy do-it-yourself-treatments.

One of Studio’s newest products is the Style Edit, which allows easy touch-ups and instant coverage of thinning patches and hair roots, to hide areas where hair is thinning, as well as to cover gray roots that begin to appear 10 to 14 days after hair coloring. By simply spraying the scalp and roots with Style Edit, shiny scalp and gray roots can easily be camouflaged for fuller hair and younger appearance.

Other than great looks, Therapy Hair Studio in Houston also makes sure that clients get to enjoy a truly relaxing and enjoyable salon experience; thus, the comfy seats and service by distinguished master stylists over a glass of wine or champagne, hot cappuccino or, tea.