Asbestos / Mesothelioma

Around the globe, the increasing cases of mesothelioma, a deadly type of cancer, has become an alarming concern. This chronic, lethal cancer usually takes decades before becoming evident, manifesting its symptoms at a time when it is already beyond treatment.

Mesothelioma is the result of exposure to asbestos, a highly elastic substance that is electricity, chemical, fire and heat resistant. It had earned the name “miracle substance” due to its superb characteristics, abundance, usefulness and cheapness. This special substance became widely used during the mid of the 20th century, usually mixed with other substances to make cement, generators, turbines, boilers, steam pipes, brakes and clutches, insulators, gaskets, hot water piping, furniture, appliances, construction materials and many other different things.

Asbestos’ remarkable usefulness made it a substance used in many parts of the globe. Many different types of workers have also been regularly exposed to it, including construction workers, electricians, firefighters, plumbers, processing plant workers, miners, shipyard workers, auto workers, machinists and many others.

The dangers presented by asbestos, especially lung damage and disease have been discovered as early as 1964; however, it was not until after the 1990s that its use was banned, but only in some countries. In 2002 there were as many as 730,000 asbestos claimants and about 8,400 (more than 10,000 in 2013) companies sued by former employees whose works had direct and regular exposure to asbestos.

Many of the companies that can be held liable by former employees now diagnosed with mesothelioma have either closed down or gone bankrupt; however, this does not mean that the injured employee has no more means of filing a lawsuit against such company for the compensation that they legally deserve. With the help of a highly knowledgeable and skillful mesothelioma lawyer, the victim’s right to compensation can very well be defended, whether in court or outside it.

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